28 Floribunda Roses And How To Grow Them

Floribunda is a hybrid group of garden roses that was developed by crossing hybrid teas with polyantha roses, the latter being derived from crosses between Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora. The idea was to create roses that bloomed with the polyantha profusion, but with hybrid tea floral beauty and colour range. 

Typical floribundas feature stiff shrubs, smaller and bushier than the average hybrid tea but less dense and sprawling than the average polyantha. The flowers are often smaller than hybrid teas but are carried in large sprays, giving a better floral effect in the garden.

Floribundas are found in all hybrid tea colours and with the classic hybrid tea-shaped blossom, sometimes differing from hybrid teas only in their cluster-flowering habit. Today they are still used in large bedding schemes in public parks and similar spaces.

Floribunda Varieties (Cultivars)

  1. ‘Julia Child’ (Rosa ‘Julia Child’)
  2. ‘Impatient’ (Rosa ‘Impatient’)
  3. ‘Iceberg’ (Rosa ‘Iceberg’)
  4. ‘Mardi Gras’ (Rosa ‘Mardi Gras’)
  5. ‘August Seebauer’ (Rosa ‘August Seebauer’)
  6. ‘Hot Cocoa’ (Rosa ‘Hot Cocoa’)
  7. Burgundy Ice’ (Rosa ‘Burgundy Ice’)
  8. Summer Fashion’ (Rosa ‘Summer Fashion’)
  9. Rhapsody in Blue’ (Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’)
  10. Scentimental’ (Rosa ‘Scentimental’)
  11. Sexy Rexy’ (Rosa ‘Sexy Rexy’)
  12. ‘Sunsprite Rose’ (Rosa ‘Sunsprite’)
  13. Eye Paint’ (Rosa ‘Eye Paint’)
  14. Monkey Business’ (Rosa ‘Monkey Business’)
  15. Betty Boop’ (Rosa ‘Betty Boop’)
  16. Rosa ‘Princess of Wales’ 
  17. Rosa ‘Angel Face’
  18. Rosa ‘Amber Queen
  19. Rosa ‘Anne Harkness’ 
  20. Rosa ‘Arthur Bell’
  21. Rosa ‘Bonica 82’
  22. Rosa ‘Cherish’
  23. Rosa ‘English Miss’ 
  24. Heidi Klum rose
  25. Ketchup And Mustard’ (Rosa ‘Ketchup And Mustard’)
  26. ‘Candy Cane Cocktail’ (Rosa ‘Candy Cane Cocktail’)
  27. Montana’ (Rosa ‘Montana’)
  28. ‘Champagne Moment’ (Floribunda ‘Champagne Moment’)
  29. ‘Rose At Last’ (Rosa ‘Rose At Last’)
  30. ‘Cinco De Mayo’ (Rosa ‘Cinco De Mayo’)
  31. ‘Blueberry Hill’ (Rosa Blueberry Hill)
  32. French Lace’ (Rosa French Lace)
  33. Honey Perfume’ (Honey Rosa Perfume)

Julia Child Rose

Developed in United States in 2004, Julia Child rose is known for its luscious blooms and licorice-like scent. It is a smaller rose variety and is often grown in containers. Its three-inch double blooms are dense with soft yellow petals. Deep green, leathery foliage creates a beautiful contrast against the yellow roses. Use it as a hedge, at the back of the perennial border, or in a large container on the patio.

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Impatient Rose

Introduced in 1984, this slightly fragrant floribunda features showy lightly-scented orange flowers with red overtones and gold eyes at the ends of the branches from late spring to early fall. The flowers are excellent for cutting. It has dark green deciduous foliage. The glossy oval compound leaves do not develop any appreciable fall color.

Iceberg Rose

The ‘Iceberg’ floribunda rose (Rosa spp.), also known as Rosa ‘Korbin is a white floribunda rose cultivar bred by Kordes in Germany in 1958. It is commercially available in two main forms: a bush and a standard, both produced by a form of grafting know as budding.

The size and shape of bush forms depend on growing conditions and pruning regime. Leaves are small, light green and glossy. Blooms grow in clusters on long stems. Buds are long and pointed. The fragrant flowers usually appear abundantly throughout the year.

Mardi Gras Rose

Rosa ‘Mardi Gras’, is a floribunda rose cultivar, bred by Dr.Keith Zary in 2007, and introduced into the United States by Jackson & Perkins in 2008. Blooms are generally borne singly or in small clusters. The flowers are a blend of orange, yellow and pink hues. The rose has a medium musk fragrance and large, semi-glossy, dark green, leathery foliage. ‘Mardis Gras’ is disease resistant, and blooms continuously from spring through fall.

Burgundy Ice Rose

Burgundy Ice is one of the darkest flowered floribundas, making a dramatic statement. The cupped, semi-double deep purple flowers are velvety and sweet scented. In terms of colour planning, they go wonderfully well with pink, cream and silver and it is stunning with a lavender border.

It is a healthy rose with good disease resistance and glossy foliage. Flowering starts in June and runs through to the middle of October. Use it as a hedge, at the back of the perennial border, or in a large container on the patio.

Summer Fashion Rose

Summer Fashion has stunning creamy-yellow flowers with delicate pink edging that spreads over the yellow as the flower ages. The classic blooms are large and double in form. The upright rose plant is 3– 4 inches height. This rose is a lovely addition to the traditional rose garden and has been used by gardeners and rose exhibitors alike.

In 1986, Summer Fashion won second place in the Bagatelle (Paris) Rose Trials. Use it as a hedge, at the back of the perennial border, or in a large container on the patio.

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Rosa Rhapsody in Blue

Rosa Rhapsody in Blue is a a floribunda cultivar boasting of very fragrant, cupped, semi-double (16 petals), iridescent purple flowers fading to mauve-gray. When wide open, they reveal a bouquet of golden stamens. Rich of a strong, orange fragrance, the blossoms are freely produced from late spring to fall and offer a lovely contrast against the medium green, semi-glossy foliage. Use it as a hedge, at the back of the perennial border, or in a large container on the patio.

Scentimental Rose

Rosa ‘Scentimental’ is a red and white striped Floribunda rose, created by Tom Carruth in 1996. It is a showy variety of floribunda rose with small clusters of large, high-centered, burgundy-red flowers, adorned with creamy-white swirls and packed with up to 36 petals. No two flowers are alike, each bloom having its own distinct splashes of color.

Opening from pointed buds, they emit a moderate, spicy fragrance and bloom in flushes from late spring into fall. Perfect for planting in a border, or as a specimen in a container or pot. 

Sexy Rexy Rose

Rosa ‘Sexy Rexy’, is a multiple-award winning floribunda rose cultivar, developed by Sam McGredy IV, and introduced into New Zealand by McGredy Roses International in 1984. The rose boasts of small clusters of cupped, fully double, slightly-scented, soft pink flowers.

Packed with up to 40 petals, the ravishing blossoms bloom profusely in flushes from late spring into fall. They stand out against the healthy foliage of semi-glossy, dark green leaves. Perfect for planting in a border, or as a specimen in a container or pot. 

Sunsprite Rose

Rosa Sunsprite is a compact variety of floribunda rose boasting strongly-scented, full, high-centered, bright golden-yellow flowers. Packed with 30 elegantly ruffled petals, the glowing flowers are borne mostly solitary and bloom in continuous flushes from late spring into fall. They keep their deep golden color, do not fade, and stand out against the healthy foliage of semi-glossy, light green leaves. Perfect for planting in a border, or as a specimen in a container or pot. 

Betty Boop Rose

Rosa ‘Betty Boop’, is a floribunda rose cultivar bred by American hybridizer, and introduced into the United States by Weeks Roses in 1999. ‘Betty Boop’ was named an All-America Rose Selections winner in 1999.

Flowers are red and white, with red edges and yellow stamens. Blooms have a strong, fruity fragrance. ‘Betty Boop’ blooms in flushes from spring through fall, and is very disease resistant. The shrub has medium, glossy, dark green foliage.

Princess of Wales

Rosa ‘Princess of Wales’ is a white blend Floribunda rose cultivar. It was bred by Harkness in the United Kingdom and introduced in 1997. Pretty cream buds open to reveal full double flowers of pure white, all frills and abundance with a golden tiara of stamens at the centre of each.

The flowers are held in clusters of up to nine per stem. The scent is fresh, not overpowering, and her foliage is dark, glossy and healthy. The flowers come in flushes, from early summer right through to mid autumn or even later in a mild season.

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Angel Face Rose

“Angel Face” originated at Swim and Weeks nursery in Southern California and was introduced in 1968. Just a year later in 1969 it became an All-American Rose Selection, the first mauve rose to receive this prestigious award.

The petals are ruffled, often edged with a flush of red, and they are more erect in young flowers, flattening to reveal the central golden bunch of stamens with age. Its stature is smaller than that of hybrid tea roses, about 2 to 3 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Glossy dark green leaves complement the flower color.

Amber Queen Rose

Rosa ‘Amber Queen is a multi-award winning floribunda rose cultivar, bred by Jack Harkness and introduced in Great Britain by Harkness roses as ‘Amber Queen’ in 1984. The stock parents of this rose are the floribunda, Rosa ‘Southampton’ and the hybrid tea, Rosa Typhoon.

Flowers are an apricot blend, with variations of apricot, pink and yellow in color. There are typically 3 to 7 flowers in a cluster. The scent is strong and spicy. The leaves are very large, dark red initially, later turning dark green and glossy. The plant has a spreading habit with reddish prickles.

Anne Harkness Rose

Rosa ‘Anne Harkness’ is an apricot floribunda rose cultivar developed by Jack Harkness in 1979 and introduced into Great Britain in 1980. The rose makes an outstanding cut flower and its exceptionally long lasting in water. Flowers are apricot or apricot-blend in color with yellow or gold edges. 

‘Anne Harkness’ is notable for beginning to bloom late in the season. It is a good repeat bloomer. Flowers can last a very long time in water. It is a popular rose with exhibitors and florists, and is well suited for cut flowers. The flowers are outstanding in August and September. The foliage is very healthy and a glossy, dark green. 

Arthur Bell Rose

Rosa ‘Arthur Bell’, is a yellow rose cultivar, bred by Sam McGredy IV in Northern Ireland in 1964. The rose has won numerous awards, and is popular in England and Northern Europe. The plant is excellent for use in the garden, in containers, cut flower, hedge or landscape.

 In summer it bears clusters of very fragrant, bright yellow flowers fading to pale yellow. The flowers are slightly double, with red stamens when they open out. Blooms arrive in medium sized clusters on thick, prickly stems. Flowers do not disintegrate in rain.

Bonica 82 Rose

Rosa ‘Bonica 82’, is a shrub rose cultivar, bred by Marie-Louise Meilland in France in 1982. The cultivar was named an All-America Rose Selections winner in 1987. The plant is excellent for use in the garden, in containers, cut flower, hedge or landscape.

Buds are a rich, dark pink color. Flowers are bright, pale pink when they first open, and later fade to near white in warmer climates. Flowers come in clusters of five to fifteen, and have a mild, sweet fragrance, with ruffled, slightly cupped petals. Flowers have a long bloom time, often producing flowers into late October. The plant produces bright red rose hips that last until the following spring.

Cherish Rose

Rosa ‘Cherish’, is an orange-pink floribunda rose cultivar. Bred by William Warriner in the United States before 1977 and introduced by Jackson & Perkins in 1980, the rose was named an All-America Rose Selections, also in 1980. The stock parents are the floribunda roses, ‘Bridal Pink’ and ‘Matador’.

Flowers have a mild scent, and have a high-centered, double bloom form. The flowers are borne singly or in small clusters. Buds are reddish-orange The flowers open initially as a coral pink and then turn to a light pink with a salmon center. The rose has a strong, spice fragrance. 

English Miss Rose

Rosa ‘English Miss’ is a Floribunda rose bred by Roger Pawsey of Cants of Colchester, Essex in 1977. The cultivar was introduced into Great Britain in 1979. Flowers are double in form, camellia-like and emit a strong and sweet fragrance with a spicy undertone.

Flowers are often borne in large clusters in the traditional floribunda style. ‘English Miss’ is pale pink in colour, often with darker pink edges. The plant blooms repeatedly, starting from June and progressing through to mid-October. Foliage is purple to dark green and leathery. Flowers do extremely well in rainy weather.

Heidi Klum Rose

The Heidi Klum rose is a variety of Floribunda rose from the Tantau company, registered in 1999 with the registration number RT 00681. It was made by crossing Old Port and Barkarole roses. The variety was officially named by Heidi Klum in 2005. It is a compact, richly flowering rose with a powerful scent.

The flowers can reach a size of up to 9 cm, and can have as many as 40 petals. The flower color is predominantly violent and the foliage is green and rich. This shrub rose features a compact, dense, rounded habit that makes it ideal for use in the landscape or the flower garden.

Rosa Ketchup & Mustard Rose

Rosa Ketchup & Mustard rose is a lovely variety of floribunda rose with small clusters of very double, high-centered to cupped, ruby-red flowers, adorned with mustard yellow reverses and packed with up to 28 petals.

Blooming profusely in flushes from late spring into fall, the festive blooms emit a mild, apple, tea fragrance. Borne on almost thornless stems, they stand out against the foliage of glossy, light green leaves. Perfect for planting in a border, or as a specimen in a container or pot. 

Candy Cane Cocktail

Rosa Candy Cane Cocktail was bred by Alain Meilland of the Meilland International. It a stunning floribunda rose boasting small clusters of very full, cupped, creamy-white flowers suffused with deep pink to red edges. Packed with 42 petals, the bi-colored blossoms, it blooms profusely in flushes from late spring into fall and stand out against the healthy foliage of dark green leaves. 

Use it as a hedge, at the back of the perennial border, or in a large container on the patio. Its bushy habit and clusters of blooms stand out like a piece of eye candy no matter where it is planted.

Champagne Moment Rose

Champagne Moment is a wonderful, fragrant cream Floribunda rose which won Rose Of The Year 2006, as well as a Gold Standard Award. The Champagne Moment is a really classic Floribunda rose worthy of this prestigious award and is a great gift for many an occasion.

The dark green leaves on this rose are accompanied by double-cluster roses, starting apricot in the centres, fading to creamy white towards the edges as they age. Perfect for planting in a border, or as a specimen in a container or pot.

Rose At Last

Rosa At Last was developed by rose breeder Heather Horner of Stansted Mountfitchet, Great Britain. It originated from a cross-pollination using a cross between the English rose ‘Laura Ford’ and the shrub rose ‘Goldbusch’ as the seed parent and the floribunda rose Frilly Jilly (’Horjilly’) as the pollen parent. 

Noted for its rose fragrance and disease resistance, it is prized for its large, sweetly scented, fully double, apricot orange blossoms, delicately fading to pale pink. Blooming with unusual continuity from late spring until frost, they contrast beautifully with the healthy foliage of glossy green leaves. The blooms are self-cleaning and no deadheading is required.