Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum): Cultivation & Problems

Solomon’s seal is a genus of flowering plants, also known as King Solomon’s-seal or Polygonatum, belonging to the family Asparagaceae, subfamily Nolinoideae. There are about 60 species in this group, but only a few are commonly grown as ornamentals. They are herbaceous perennials with attractive architectural form. Solomon’s seal is a popular garden plant because … Read more

Prairifire Crabapple Trees: Origin, Lifespan, Growth Rate And Other Characteristics

Prairifire’ crabapple trees (Malus x ‘Prairifire’) also referred to as Iowa crab is a species of crabapple tree ( genus Malus), which includes about 35 species native to Eurasia and North America. Prairifire Crabapple grows to a height of 15-20 feet. It is usually adorned with reddish new foliage that matures to a dark green, complemented by … Read more

36 Types of Peaches (Their Characteristics & Photos)

Peaches are botanically classified as Prunus persica and are considered “stone fruits,” and are closely related to apricots, plums, cherries and almonds. Peaches are native to China, where the earliest evidence of peach domestication is traced to the Zhejiang Province in the southeastern area of the country. They then spread to other parts of the … Read more

25 Different Types of Maple Trees (With Pictures & Names)

The maple tree is known for its striking fall color and distinctive leaves. Native to many areas in North America, maples grow in wooded areas.  All maple trees are deciduous, losing their leaves in winter and growing new foliage the following spring. A number of maples become quite large when mature and make excellent shade … Read more

18 Types of Pothos Plants (Characteristics & Pictures) – Identification Guide

Epipremnum aureum (family Araceae), commonly referred to as pothos, devil’s ivy or pothos vine, contains some of the most popular and durable interior tropical ornamental foliage plants. The genus Epipremnum and its 10 known species are tree-climbing vines native to the Solomon Islands. In tropical settings, pothos can grow to be large in size, climbing trees 50 feet … Read more

32 Types of Pansies (Annual and Perennial Pansy Varieties)

The garden pansy is a type of polychromatic large-flowered hybrid plant cultivated as a garden flower. It is derived by hybridization from several species in the section Melanium of the genus Viola, particularly V. tricolor, a wildflower of Europe and western Asia known as heartsease. Pansy blooms are fragrant and edible. They originated in England … Read more

Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora): History, Cultivars, Growth Rate & Care

Magnolia grandiflora, commonly known as the southern magnolia or bull bay, is a tree of the family Magnoliaceae. The tree is found on the edges of bodies of water and swamps, in association with sweetgum (Liquidambar styraciflua), water oak (Quercus nigra), and black tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica). In more sheltered habitats, it grows into a large … Read more

10 Plants That Look Like Marijuana

There exist plants in nature that bear an uncanny resemblance to one of the most controversial botanical species: marijuana (Cannabis sativa). While marijuana itself has garnered widespread attention for its psychoactive properties and medicinal potential, its look-alikes dwell quietly in the natural world, often unnoticed or misconstrued. What Does Marijuana Look Like? Cannabis sativa plants have long, … Read more