Snake Plant Water Requirements: When, How & How Much

Introduction Snake plants, or sansevieria, are a genus of perennial plants native to tropical and subtropical Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia.The perfect houseplant for many is a small, low-maintenance, indoor-friendly plant. These plants generally have a low demand for water and a low risk of over-watering. The snake plant is a popular choice among indoor … Read more

Amaryllis Bulbs: How To Grow And Care Year-round

Introduction Amaryllis is a great flower for beginners and anyone who wants to add some cheer indoors. It’s also known as the naked lady, because of its long blooming time (about three months), and the way it drops its leaves around that time too. There is nothing quite like the brilliant red blooms of amaryllis … Read more

Spider Plant Water Requirements: How Often & How Much

Introduction Spider plants are popular indoor plants because they’re pretty, undemanding, and propagate themselves. If you have a spider plant, you may be wondering how often to water your spider plant. Spider plants can generally go for weeks without water, but if your plant is wilting and leaves are falling off, it’s time to water … Read more

Spider Plant Fertilizer Requirements: Tips On Fertilizing

Introduction If you’re a plant person, you probably know by now that spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are some of the easiest and most carefree houseplants out there. These long-lasting houseplants are known for their distinctive mop of leaves that resemble a spider’s web. They can grow long and arching stems, and they give off a … Read more

Ideal Temperature And Humidity For Growing Tulips

Ideal Humidity For Tulips Tulips are easily one of the most beautiful spring flowers. Their bright colors and lovely fragrance make them popular in home gardens, but it’s not always easy to get the bulbs to grow. Tulips are pretty particular about their environment. The soil has to be just right, the temperatures need to … Read more

How To Prune Tomatoes For a Better Harvest

Introduction Tomatoes are one of the most rewarding plants to grow in your backyard or in a pot on your balcony. They are beautiful, versatile, and delicious. However, they require a little care to make sure they produce the best fruit. One of the most important things to remember when growing tomatoes is to prune … Read more

How to Prune Hydrangeas For Shorter, Bigger Blooms

Introduction Hydrangeas are some of the most popular plants found in many homes. They come in full, half, and miniature forms, and can range in color from light pink to dark purple. It’s no wonder hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers in the world! They bloom from early summer to late fall. However, … Read more

How to Prune Umbrella Plant For a Healthy Growth

Introduction Umbrella plant(Schefflera actinophylla) is a tropical plant with big shiny leaves, which is popular for home decoration. It is a very low maintenance plant, native to South Africa. It is also a rainforest plant. This plant grows quickly and produces heavy flowers. Umbrella plant is one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. It … Read more