Black And Yellow Caterpillars: (With How To Identify Them)

A caterpillar is the larval stage of a moth or butterfly. It is the second part of their four-stage life cycle: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Caterpillars are typically voracious feeders and many of them are among the most serious of agricultural pests. Caterpillars of most species eat plant material (often leaves), but not all; some (about 1%) eat insects, … Read more

28 Yellow Rose Varieties ( With Name & Pictures)

Roses (Rosa species) with their fragrant, ruffled flowers, are popular around the world. They can be found in almost any color, and range in size from large shrubs to miniature plants. A yellow rose signifies friendship and caring. A healthy yellow rose bush is a joy to behold. Yellow roses come in several different varieties … Read more

35 Popular Gardening Quotes And Sayings

In an unstable, disorienting, and often infuriating world, it can be the purest tonic to see your garden reliably spring to life and throw color around your garden. Because of the intellectual stimulation and therapeutic benefits it provides, gardening has long attracted some of the world’s greatest thinkers. As a result, there is a wide variety … Read more

21 Types of Thistle Plants With How To Identify Them

Thistle is the common name of a group of flowering plants characterised by leaves with sharp prickles on the margins. Prickles can also occur all over the plant – on the stem and on the flat parts of the leaves. The stem is upright and usually hairy. Stems have few to many branches. Leaves are green above and … Read more

24 Varieties of Climbing Roses For Your Yard And Garden

Rosa is a genus of about 150 species of deciduous (occasionally evergreen) shrubs and climbers noted for their beautiful, often fragrant, single, semidouble or double flowers which are borne singly or in clusters on often prickly stems clad with 5-9 leaflets often having toothed margins. Climbing rose also referred to as crawling rose, is any rose … Read more

Yellow Lilies: 18 Varieties of Yellow Lily Flowers

The genus includes 100 species that are separated into different divisions: American, Asiatic, Aurelian, Candidum, Longiflorum, Martagon, Oriental, true species and Trumpet. All lily flowers have three petals surrounded by three sepals, and they come in colors including orange, yellow, white, pink and purple. Flowers are hermaphroditic, with both male and female reproductive organs, for … Read more

28 Floribunda Roses And How To Grow Them

Floribunda is a hybrid group of garden roses that was developed by crossing hybrid teas with polyantha roses, the latter being derived from crosses between Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora. The idea was to create roses that bloomed with the polyantha profusion, but with hybrid tea floral beauty and colour range. Typical floribundas feature stiff … Read more

10 Purple Cactus Varieties: Cactus With Purple Flowers And Flesh

Cacti generally have thick herbaceous or woody chlorophyll-containing stems. The majority of cacti in the absence of leaves have spines, needles, or short hairs protruding out of areoles on the stem. Most spines are straight or have a slight curve or hook but can also be flattened in appearance. The cactus family includes a large variety of … Read more