24 Fast Growing Shade Trees For Your Home

A shade tree is a large tree whose primary role is to provide shade in the surrounding environment due to its spreading canopy and crown, where it may give shelter from sunlight in the heat of the summer for people who seek recreational needs in urban parks and house yards, and thus, also protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV rays and sunburns. Shade trees often … Read more

Types of Vegetables: List of All Vegetables From A to Z

Categories of vegetables Leafy green – lettuce, spinach and silverbeet etc Cruciferous – cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and broccoli etc Marrow – pumpkin, cucumber and zucchini etc Root – potato, sweet potato and yam etc Edible plant stem – celery and asparagus etc Allium – onion, garlic and shallot etc Beets- Turnips, Celeriac, Radish etc … Read more

Calathea roseopicta: How To Grow In Pots or Containers

What is Calathea roseopicta? Calathea roseopicta, the rose-painted calathea, is a species of plant in the family Marantaceae, native to northwest Brazil. It is a clump-forming evergreen perennial growing to 50 cm (20 in), very similar in appearance to Calathea makoyana. The large rounded leaves are dark green above, red below, marked heavily with cream or pink stripes “painted” along the veins and midriff, with feathered margins. How … Read more

Calathea zebrina: How to grow In pots or containers

Introduction Calathea is a genus of about 120 species of tropical plants in the family Marantaceae. The plants are evergreen, perennial herbs with erect stems, reaching anywhere from a few inches to 6 feet tall. The leaves are large, simple, and oval to lance-shaped, and are borne in opposite pairs on the stem. Calathea zebrina … Read more

Calathea Orbifolia: Care And Growing Guide For Beginners

Introduction Calathea orbifolia is a tropical plant that is indigenous to Brazil and Argentina. It is a hardy plant that can tolerate a wide range of conditions, making it a popular houseplant. Despite its popularity, this plant has been around for centuries. The ancient Incas used calathea orbifolia for a variety of purposes, from religious … Read more

Calathea Vittata Plant: Care And Growing Guide

Introduction The Calathea Vittata is a tropical plant known for its beautiful leaves and dramatic coloring. In the wild, this plant can grow up to one meter tall. In a home, this plant is more likely to stay between 10 and 30 centimeters tall. This plant is native to Brazil, so it does best in … Read more

Ponytail Palm: Care And Growing Guide For Beginners

Introduction The ponytail palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) is a desert plant native to Central America and Mexico. It is also known as elephant foot or ram’s horn. This plant gets its name from the long, thin leaves that grow out of the top of the trunk and look like a ponytail.The ponytail palm tree can grow … Read more

Philodendron Problems: Brown Spots, Diseases & Pests

Introduction You’ve just bought your first houseplant, and it looks healthy and ready to grow! It’s time to bask in the glory of your new potted friend. However, after a couple of weeks you notice that it has some yellowing leaves. What could be the cause? It’s more common than you think for houseplants to … Read more