28 Yellow Rose Varieties ( With Name & Pictures)

Roses (Rosa species) with their fragrant, ruffled flowers, are popular around the world. They can be found in almost any color, and range in size from large shrubs to miniature plants.

A yellow rose signifies friendship and caring. A healthy yellow rose bush is a joy to behold. Yellow roses come in several different varieties and forms. They add a pop of bright yellow to a fence or arbor. 

While the yellow rose requires lots of sunshine to thrive, the exact amount depends on the air temperature. In cooler, coastal climates, plant the yellow rose in the sunniest spot you have. In hotter inland areas, provide the yellow rose with morning sun and light shade in the afternoon. The rose also requires shelter from high winds, as it will damage the foliage and flowers. Finally, choose a spot away from large trees and other shrubs so that the rose bush isn’t forced to compete for water and nutrients. Different types of Yellow Roses include:

  1. Rosa ‘Oregold’
  2. Candlelight rose
  3. Friesia rose
  4. Rosa ‘Teasing Georgia’ 
  5. Gold bunny rose
  6. Latina rose
  7. Idole rose
  8. Rosa queen sirikit
  9. Rose cadmium yellow
  10. Henry fonda rose
  11. Rosa ‘Sunsprite’ 
  12. Rosa ‘Sun Flare’
  13. Sunshine daydream rose
  14. Sunblest hybrid tea rose
  15. Rosa ‘Midas Touch’
  16. Rosa ‘Gold Medal’ 
  17. Rosa xanthina
  18. Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’ 
  19. Rosa ‘Lily Pons
  20. Rosa ‘Mermaid’
  21. Lady Banks’ rose
  22. Rosa Charlotte
  23. Rosa Eternal Flame
  24. Rosa Golden Celebration
  25. Rosa Golden Gate
  26. Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’
  27. Rosa Julia Child
  28. Rosa ‘Jude the Obscure’
  29. Rosa ‘Molineux 
  30. Rosa xanthina ‘Canary Bird’
  31. Rosa Radiant Perfume

Rosa ‘Oregold’

Rosa ‘Oregold’ is a deep yellow hybrid tea rose cultivar, bred by Mathias Tantau, Jr. in Germany before 1971. The rose was named after the famous German opera singer, Anneliese Rothenberger. The flowers are very large at first with large buds and very long petals. Flowers are a golden yellow color, fading to buff. The color is best in cooler climates and seasons. The rose has a mild fruity fragrance. The plant blooms in flushes from spring through fall. 

Candlelight rose

This rose appears very cream, almost yellow, but will turn into a true white as it opens. Candlelight takes 4-6 days to completely open, and can be used as a yellow rose or a white rose. The plant has dark green, very glossy foliage and a mild fragrance.

Friesia rose

Friesia is a refreshingly bright canary yellow flowered Floribunda rose. This rose has dark green foliage with free blooming, and compact growth.  If you want a yellow rose with fragrance, this is one we highly recommended.

Rosa ‘Teasing Georgia’

Rosa ‘Teasing Georgia’ is a yellow blend shrub rose cultivar, bred by British rose breeder, David C. H. Austin in 1987. The flowers are medium in size and very full (40+ petals) with a cupped, quartered bloom form. They are borne mostly solitary or in small clusters. The color of the rose is a blend of yellow with light apricot shading and light yellow edges.

Gold Bunny

Gold Bunny is a bushy floribunda with medium yellow flowers that have a light fragrance. Floribunda roses combine the beauty of Hybrid Tea blooms with a profusion of flowers that appear in clusters. They tend to be smaller, bushier and less prone to sprawling. Gold Bunny is a vigorous grower and has medium-sized, dark green, glossy foliage.

Latina rose

The Latina rose is a bright yellow with a touch of gold. They have a high petal count and a large bloom size. Latina rose is best planted in the spring after the danger of frost has passed. Flower size is ranges from 5 to 10 cm. The rose blooms year round. The plant has dark green, very glossy foliage and a mild fragrance.

Idole rose

Idole rose is a gorgeous type of rose displaying ravishing yellow tone and the exquisite bloom shape. Delicate petals extend out from a centralized bulb, complimenting its radiant yellow color, making it shine bright. The resilient stem is full of lush green foliage, giving this beauty a sense of balance.

Rosa ‘Queen Sirikit’

Rosa ‘Queen Sirikit’ is a yellow Hybrid tea rose developed by French rose breeder. The cultivar was developed from a cross between orange Hybrid tea, ‘Königin der Rosen’ and yellow Hybrid tea, ‘Golden Giant’. Flowers are a bright yellow colour that turns to orange-yellow and has a hint of pink at the edges.

Rosa ‘Henry Fonda’

Rosa ‘Henry Fonda’ is a bright yellow Hybrid tea rose cultivar, bred by American hybridizer in 1995. The flowers begin as long, pointed, ovoid buds and are bright yellow in color. The rose has little or no fragrance. They are borne on strong stems, primarily as a solitary bloom form, but sometimes in clusters of two or three. The flower’s edges can sometimes look frayed or torn.

Rosa ‘Sunsprite’

Rosa ‘Sunsprite’ is a rose variety developed by Reimer Kordes and introduced in 1973. The rose was derived from the cultivars ‘Friedrich Wörlein’ × ‘Spanish Sun’, and is one of the most successful floribunda roses. Its sunny yellow blooms are large and flat with 17 to 25 waved petals, reaching an average diameter of 8 cm and have a very strong fragrance.

Rosa ‘Sun Flare’

Rosa ‘Sun Flare’, is a yellow floribunda rose cultivar, bred by William Warriner. Flowers are slightly double (17-25 petals), and bloom in small clusters. Buds are pointed. The bright yellow double flowers reach 10 cm in diameter and appear in clusters of 3 to 20 in flushes throughout the flowering season. The lemon-yellow colour hardly fades with age even in hot climates, a problem many other yellow cultivars have.

Rosa ‘Sunshine Daydream’

Rosa ‘Sunshine Daydream’ is a light yellow Grandiflora rose cultivar, bred by Michèle Meilland Richardier before 2006. Flowers are 3-4 inches in diameter, with 33 to 35 petals. Blooms have a cupped to flat bloom shape and are butter yellow in color with lighter edges, maturing to a rich cream color. Flowers are borne singly or in small clusters.

Sunblest hybrid tea rose

Rose Sunblest also known as Landora is a wonderful Hybrid Tea Rose variety that will flower vigorously during spring. An abundance of cheerful golden-yellow flowers contrasts well against the glossy green foliage creating wonderful clusters that are a breath-taking sight within the garden and reach a mature height of 90cm. The blooms have a slight fragrance.

Rosa ‘Midas Touch’

Rosa ‘Midas Touch’ is a yellow Hybrid tea rose cultivar, bred by American hybridizer, Jack E. Christensen in 1992. The rose has a moderate, musky fragrance. Flower color is a bright golden-yellow with golden stamens. The flowers are typically borne singly, but sometimes are carried in small clusters and hold up well in rainy weather. ‘Midas Touch’ is a vigorous grower and has large, matte, medium-green leaves.

Rosa ‘Gold Medal’

 Rosa ‘Gold Medal’ is a yellow blend Grandiflora rose cultivar. The rose is a vigorous grower and does extremely well in hot climates. The rose has a light, fruity fragrance. Bloom color is initially a golden yellow with splashes of pink and orange, fading to a pale yellow. The flowers are typically borne singly on long, straight stems or in small clusters. ‘Gold Medal’ blooms in flushes throughout the growing season.

Rosa xanthina

Rosa xanthina, the yellow rose or Manchu rose, is a species of rose native to China and Korea. It typically grows on upright, arching canes to 6-9 inches tall with a slightly larger spread. Reddish stems armed with reddish-brown thorns are clad with medium green leaves. The plant is a vigorous grower and thrives in hot climates.

Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’

Rosa ‘Buff Beauty’ is a vigorous, spreading medium-sized rose variety with large clusters of deliciously scented, very full (over 41 petals), semi-double flowers in the most attractive shades of buff-yellow to apricot and paling to primrose. Rich of a strong tea fragrance, the pretty blooms stand out against the lustrous foliage of dark green leaves. Blooming in flushes from summer to fall, this sturdy, repeat-flowering shrub rose provides a beautiful display to behold.

Rosa ‘Lily Pons’

Rosa ‘Lily Pons’ is a hardy Hybrid Tea rose with large, 4-6 inches across, fully double, creamy-white to pale yellow flowers packed with 50 petals. Free-flowering, the breathtaking flowers are borne in clusters on long stems, making them perfect for cutting. The deep green, glossiness of the leaves is a perfect background for the large blossoms. Blooming in flushes from spring to fall, this bushy, upright shrub is ideal for sunny beds, borders or containers.

Rosa ‘Mermaid’

Rosa ‘Mermaid’ produces a profusion of large, delicately fragrant, single, primrose-yellow flowers, made up of long, prominent stamens. Blooming profusely from summer to fall, the bright blooms stand out against the reddish, thorny stems and the almost evergreen, glossy, dark green foliage. This large climbing rose features a sprawling habit with its long canes holding fast to their surroundings thanks to profuse thorns. A large climber with incomparable blossoms and fine foliage.

Lady Banks’ rose

Rosa banksiae, common names Lady Banks’ rose, or just Banks’ rose is named for Dorothea Lady Banks, the wife of the botanist Sir Joseph Banks. Unlike most roses, it is practically thornless, though it may bear some prickles particularly on stout, strong shoots. The flowers are small, 1.5–2.5 cm diameter, white or pale yellow and are fragrant. It is amongst the earliest flowering of all roses.

Rosa Charlotte

Rosa Charlotte features amazingly beautiful, fully double blossoms, rich of a very pleasant, medium-strong tea rose fragrance. Each bloom is packed with many petals (100 petals) and opens gradually from rounded buds to cup-shaped blooms, in a lovely shade of soft butter yellow. Charlotte has an excellent green foliage and makes a most attractive rose shrub, making it ideal for the front of a border or mixed beds.

Rosa Eternal Flame

Rosa Eternal Flame is a beautiful Hybrid Tea rose with very large, shaped, high-centered, soft yellow flowers, packed with up to 40 petals that unfold beautifully. Blooming continuously from spring to fall, the bright blossoms are borne mostly solitary on long stems and exude a strong citrus fragrance. They stand out against the healthy foliage of shiny, dark green leaves. The overall effect is captivating.

Rosa ‘Golden Celebration’

Rosa ‘Golden Celebration’ is a yellow shrub rose cultivar, bred by British rose breeder, David C. H. Austin. The flowers are large, 4 to 5 inches with 40+ petals. Rounded, orange-red buds open to deep yellow cupped flowers with apricot centers. They are sometimes carried singly, but are primarily borne in small clusters of 3–7. The rose blooms in flushes throughout the season. It has large, medium green foliage, nearly thornless stems and a lax growing habit.

Rosa Golden Gate

Rosa Golden Gate features attractive clusters of fragrant, loosely cupped, very full (55-60 petals), semi-double flowers in the most glowing shade of golden-yellow and paling to creamy yellow as they mature. They stand out against the foliage of large, semi-glossy, mid-green, leathery leaves. Very free-flowering, this climbing rose blooms in flushes from summer to fall. ‘Golden Gate’ provides a charming display and makes a great choice for arches, pillars, walls, or containers.

Rosa Graham Thomas

Rosa Graham Thomas is a deep yellow shrub rose bred by British rose breeder, David C.H. Austin. The large 4-5 inch flowers have a full, cupped bloom form and are borne mostly solitary or in large, long-stemmed clusters of 3 to 9 flowers. The color has been described variously as “rich deep yellow’, “golden yellow”, “amber” and “ochre yellow”, and fades to a pale lemon as the bloom ages. The plant blooms in flushes throughout the season.

Rosa Julia Child

The Julia Child rose, known in the UK as the Absolutely Fabulous rose, is a golden butter or golden floribunda rose, named after the chef Julia Child. The Julia Child cultivar features golden flowers produced in clusters that repeat all season long. Flowers are medium size, full, (26–40 petals), cup shaped, and globular. The small round bush, has foliage that is bright green, and glossy. The bright green foliage makes a nice backdrop for the buttery yellow flowers. It is used in borders, garden beds, containers, and as a cut flower.

Rosa ‘Jude the Obscure

Rosa ‘Jude the Obscure is a pale apricot shrub rose, bred by British rose breeder, David C. H. Austin in 1989. The flowers are pale apricot with a yellow-cream center and pale, almost white outer petals. The rose has a strong, fruity fragrance. ‘Jude the Obscure’ blooms in flushes throughout the season. The plant is prickly with lax stems and has medium, semi-glossy, dark green foliage.