21 Types of Christmas Trees And How To Identify Them

Selecting the perfect Christmas tree for your home can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the entire family. Decorating and displaying a real Christmas tree is a tradition followed by generations of families. The most common Christmas tree used is a cut tree. However, some prefer using a living Christmas tree sold with roots … Read more

24 Beautiful Hanging Plants For Indoor Spaces

Spilling and trailing plants make better options for hanging baskets as they make the container look abundant. Apart from softening the whole look, they help blend the rest of the plants together. A hanging basket is a structure suspended from the ceiling or other high places using chains, ropes, and other materials.Baskets come in varying … Read more

Monstera Varieties: 16 Types of Monstera For Indoor Growing

Introduction As one of the most popular houseplants, you’ve probably seen a Monstera plant around. But did you know there are more than just one variety? There are actually more than 40 types of Monstera, each with its own unique characteristics and cultivation needs. With so many varieties, it can be overwhelming to know which … Read more

28 Types of Snake Plant ( Popular, Rare & Dwarf Varieties)

Introduction The Sansevieria plant, often referred to as a “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue”, is a popular houseplant for good reason. It’s pretty, requires minimal care, and can be grown in a variety of settings. In fact, Sansevieria is known as the “tough as nails” plant because it can thrive in low light and dry conditions. Despite being … Read more

Creeping Jenny: Care And Growing Guide

Overview Lysimachia nummularia commonly referred to as creeping Jenny is a species of flowering plant in the family Primulaceae. It’s most often grown as an evergreen ground cover in United States. Creeping Jenny spreads naturally with arrowhead-shaped lime-green to medium-green leaves and trumpet-shaped small yellow flowers in spring or summer. The plant grows aggressively, often … Read more

Christmas Cactus: Effective Way To Plant, Grow & Care (Complete Guide)

Overview Christmas cactus botanically referred to as Schlumbergera bridgessii typically blooms at Christmas and also sometimes around Easter when cared effectively. It grows best when it is potted. Christmas cactus is commonly referred to as Thanksgiving cactus, holiday cactus or crab cactus. The name crab refers to the leaf-shaped stem segments that have curved, pointed … Read more

Monstera Adansonii: Facts, Propagation & Care

Overview Monstera Adansonii also commonly referred to as Swiss Cheese Vine is a highly popular versatile plant that will with proper care grow effective under many different conditions. It produces white arum-like flowers typical of the aroid family. Leaves are slightly rough in texture and heart-shaped. Foliage is mostly whole in young specimens and changes … Read more

Begonia Maculata (Polka Dot Begonia): Ultimate Growing & Caring Guide

Overview Begonia maculata is wonderful as summer container specimen that effortlessly lights up shady areas with lush leaves and masses of flowers. Begonias are one of the most prevalently cultivated plants in both tropical and subtropical climates. Begonias are also a popular choice in cooler climates as an indoor plant-a great way to brighten up … Read more