40 Popular Florida Flowers: Identification Guide

In much of Florida, the climate is sub-tropical, with mild winters (but subject to short cold spells) and hot, sunny summers. In these place (Florida), there are numerous flowers, shrubs, trailing vines, and evergreen plants all come together to add beauty to landscapes and gardens. A lot of flowers that thrive in shade or sun are … Read more

28 Popular Hawaiian Flowers: Identification Guide

Hawaiian flora is beautiful and diverse. A subtropical region, Hawaii has a year-round warm climate and soil heavy with volcanic ash – two elements that play a role in the healthy growing of a wide variety of flowers and plants. There are three categories of Hawaiian flora – endemic, native and introduced. Endemic refers to … Read more

14 Plants That Look Like Human Body Parts

Guarana Devil’s Fingers Mushroom Psychotria Elata Devil’s Hand False Morels Snapdragon Poppy Plant Loofah Vietnam Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Peter Pepper Moccassin Flower Africa Tulip Flower Huacrapona palm tree Phallic Cactus Guarana Plant Fruits Devil’s Fingers Mushroom Psychotria Elata or Hooker’s Lips False Morels Dead Snapdragon Flower Poppy Plant Devil’s Hand Flower (Chiranthodendron) Loofah Vietnam Africa … Read more

28 Trees & Shrubs With Red Berries

With their endless variety of textures, shapes and sizes, trees and bushes both form the backbone of a landscape and help define its boundaries. Trees or shrubs that produce clusters of red berries also contribute a bright splash of color to the garden. Many fruit-producing trees and shrubs also attract beneficial wildlife such as crows, … Read more

18 Varieties of Poppies For Your Home Garden

A Poppy can be any member of the genus Papaver, which contains about 70 species of annuals, perennials and biennial plants. Poppy plants are known for their bright flowers with crepe paper-like petals, interesting seed pods and useful seeds. All are native to temperate zones of the world. Most have four petals, often crinkled, resembling … Read more

50 Best Fast Growing Trees Around The World

Fast-growing trees can be a blessing when you need shade, a bit of privacy or if you need to block an unattractive view of your neighbors. It’s tempting to choose trees that grow as quickly as possible, but sometimes the fastest-growing trees are the worst choices. This is because many fast-growing trees grow so quickly … Read more

24 Trees And Shrubs With Winter Berries

If you enjoy watching wildlife in the fall and winter months, consider planting trees, shrubs or vines that produce berries. Many native berries mature in late summer to early fall and disappear, in part, because animals and birds eat and spread them. Fortunately, many native plants and introduced species can provide beautiful berries that persist into the winter months and … Read more